4 Ways to Fix A Slow Computer

Slow and steady wins the race in life, but not at the office while on your computer. Nothing can ruin a workday faster than a slow system. Be careful with what you find online. Lots of sites offer “tune-ups” which are unreliable and often download viruses and other malware. Use these simple steps to get your computer running fast again:


  1. Disable programs that run at startup. When you install applications on your machine, often times these applications will try and run as soon as your computer starts. Many of these applications can significantly affect the speed of your computer at startup. You can prevent these programs from running at startup in Task Manager. Select the application that you don’t need running at startup and click on the Disable button.

  2. Disable unnecessary browser extensions and add-ons. Similar to the last step, you may have a significant number of browser extensions installed which are affecting your web browsing experience. Go into your browser’s settings and disable any extension or add-on that you don’t use regularly.

  3. Remove viruses and other malware. Your computer may be running slowly due to a virus or malicious software. Use a good anti-viral and malware removal program to clean your computer of any infections.

  4. Upgrade to a solid state drive. If you are still using a mechanical hard drive, then an upgrade to a solid state drive will instantly deliver faster boot times, app loading times, and file transfers

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