Backup & Disaster Recovery

backup & disaster recoveryWe are industry experts when it comes to planning and implementing backup & disaster recovery solutions.

Our backup and recovery services are designed to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster. We also specialize in implementing backup and recovery solutions that meet requirements and are compliant with some of the strictest industry regulations placed on small business owners.

Backup & disaster recovery solutions differ based on one very important factor – what type of data is being backed up. There are solutions that only backup your files, or there are solutions that take an image of your entire system and back up all your files, applications, and operating system. We use the latter.

By using an image-backup solution, we have more robust recovery options in the event of a disaster. The image below shows the difference between a file-backup solution and an image-backup solution.

backup & disaster recovery

Imagine that your hard drive failed. If you only had a file-backup solution you would first need to replace the hardware, next you would reinstall and configure your operating system. Afterwards, you would need to download, install, and configure all your applications. After all your applications have been reinstalled and configured you could finally begin to restore your files from your file-backup solution.

This whole process could take days to complete.

We use an image-backup solution. In the example of a failed hard drive, we still need to replace the hardware, but from there we can restore the entire operating system, all the applications, and every file in one step.

The whole process can take as little as 15 minutes!