Stay Productive by Working Remotely

Remain productive when physically coming into the office isn’t possible.

View images, treatment plans, prescriptions, and the schedule from any phone tablet or computer. Office staff can stay up-to-date on insurance claims, scheduling, and other office tasks easily and effectively.

Ensure Your Dental Practice is Equipped with Remote Access

Having access to practice management software from anywhere is becoming more of a necessity. Doctors and staff may need to refer to the schedule outside the office. The on-call member of your team may need to schedule an emergency appointment, but is physically not in the office. The office manager may have a large number of insurance claims to process but is stuck at home with a sick family member. All these scenarios are resolved easily with the DentalRemote plan!

We also offer DentalRemote+ which allows larger practices to remotely connect a branch office to all its systems. This allows the branch office to share the practice management database and view images for patients in both locations. This solution facilitates scheduling patients and the dental team without having to move in and out of various programs.

Two Options to Choose From

Employee remote access
Branch office remote connection


The pricing model for DentalRemote is simple and straightforward. We are very proud to openly publish our prices online – we don’t have anything to hide. We don’t have setup fees or contracts. We believe we should earn your business every single month.


Price per user per month

Choose this plan to enroll a user at your practice on the DentalProtect plan.


Price per office per month

Choose this plan to enroll your office on the DentalRemote+ plan.

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