Network Security

network securityBear Bones IT will help you implement network security measures to protect your business from attacks and intrusions. We implement both proactive and reactive security services so that you can have peace of mind that your network and data is secure.

We install and configure quality firewalls that can tease out ransomware and deter sophisticated attacks. Today’s ransomware can morph its code to pass right under many detection algorithms. A good firewall will utilize advanced network monitoring and analytics to detect and quarantine potential threats.

We only use the best hardware and trusted brands in the industry when choosing a firewall to install. Basically put, the risk of a network breach is not worth the minimal cost savings. Installing network security solutions at the edge of your network allows us to monitor and inspect all traffic and drop unwanted packets. This strategy protects against malicious access from outside your network.

Installing antiviral software on every networked machine in your office is also extremely important. In addition to looking for recognized definitions, this software will also utilize behavior-based detection methods.

The antivirus software that we use as part of our IT services has received perfect scores in malware protection. The solution is light on your system, so you don’t even know it is there. The antiviral software that we use also provides real-time anti-phishing protection while you browse online. The real-time anti-phishing protection will help to ensure that you and your team browse safely online and reduce the chance that user credentials, and business critical information are inadvertently compromised.