Why the Most Successful Small Business Owners Outsource Their IT Needs

While living abroad, I spoke to a business owner in Portugal who changed my way of thinking. He mentioned the struggles of running a startup and then stated it was extremely important that a small business run as well as a Fortune 500 company.

Think about that for a second. As a small business owner, you are competing with large, multi-national companies and an uncountable number of smaller businesses, all vying for the same customer. If you are to compete and grow your business, you have to spend your precious time on meaningful activities.

Therein lies the struggle! Most small business owners have to manage every aspect of their business — sales, marketing, IT support, and even janitorial. When your responsibilities take time away from your core business activities, you have stopped competing. This essentially means you are losing business in that very moment to one of your competitors.

What should you do?

Outsource some aspects of your business where it makes sense. Let’s discuss the IT requirements a small business may have.

Instead of spending time on hold with technical support, or just “dealing” with a broken computer or printer because you don’t have time, consider using a managed service provider to take care of these items for you.

In addition to fixing your immediate IT problems, a managed service provider can help your business run more like a Fortune 500 company.

A good service provider will ensure that all mission-critical systems are being backed up and test restore functions on a regularly scheduled basis. In addition to backup software, a service provider will make sure your network is secure and protected from viruses and other attacks.

You could do this work yourself, or worse hire an employee to perform these functions for you, but this puts you at a competitive disadvantage. Your cost is too high. By using a managed service provider you leverage and pay for only a portion of the resource that you need.

Think like a Fortune 500 company and outsource activities that are not core to your business whenever possible. This should help you focus more on your customer and hopefully take business away from competition that isn’t similarly focused.


What Now?

We would love the chance to discuss your thoughts on outsourcing your IT needs to a managed service provider. If there are any questions, put them in the comments below or give us a call and we are happy to help where we can.